“One of the things I love about the Sales Dojo is how we are collaborating to figure out how all the pieces fit together to create more productive results.”

Marc McDermott

“There has not been one single Dojo where I haven’t received at least one pearl of wisdom that I have acted upon to benefit my business. To put it in simple terms these free events add pounds shillings and pence to my business bottom line.”

Dave Verburg

“The sales training is easy to understand and great for people like me who have never had formal training but want to improve, and I always learn new things to apply in my business.”

Rachel Patterson

“Sales Dojo’s are a great way to start the day and make you feel energised and inspired which always leads to a good productive sales day. It’s a great way to meet new people who you wouldn’t usually meet as your in very different industries yet all facing similar challenges”

Kelly Boland

“All the guest speakers are different, so I always know I’ll learn something new. It’s great how it’s not always about selling too. It could be about leadership, mindfulness or an inspiring story yet it always helps me when I’m selling.”

Marian Cotter – Stay City, Liverpool